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About Midwifery Care

Midwives are primary care providers who provide prenatal, intrapartum (labour and delivery) and postpartum care to low-risk clients and their babies. Midwives follow the same prenatal schedule as other care providers and provide current, evidence-based care. If, at any point, risk factors develop that are outside of the midwifery scope of care, midwives will consult with the most appropriate care provider to ensure clients have the best possible outcomes. 

Midwives across Canada share tenets or pillars of care. These are:

1. Informed choice - we believe clients, together with their loved ones, make the best decisions for themselves and their babies. To support this process, midwives have in-depth discussions throughout the course of care regarding tests, ultrasounds and procedures so that clients have the information they need to make choices about how they wish to proceed.  

2. Choice of birthplace - Clients may choose to have their babies in hospital or at home with their midwives. Clients who choose home birth are carefully screened to ensure that their birth is as safe as possible. 

3. Continuity of care - Pregnancy, birth and the first six weeks postpartum are life-changing periods in a client's life. Midwives believe that it is important for a client to know their care providers in order to foster a relationship of support and mutual respect. Midwives often have longer appointments in order to allow this relationship to develop. 

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